Musings of Many Muses

Musings of Many Muses

I'm immensely curious in the intricate inner workings of basically everything. Whether it's a company, human brain or a creative process. All of those seemingly chaotic interactions are interesting. The why's and what's one can find are endless.

My curiousity lead me to videogames early on. Got my four AA baterries munching Gameboy at 10, managed to crash dad's PC with MSPaint even before. Back when Macromedia was a company I printed out the 300-pages long book on Action Script 2.0 and started learning by making small stupid broken games. I was on the way to become the Indie super star in then smallish part of the industry.

Never have I stuck with it long enough though. Microsoft rolled in with XNA and Braid was the shining example of success, that I wanted to replicate. Failing the only programming class I ever took at 12 didn't help my confidence. I flipped a coin and instead of sticking with making games I played them. Out of all the picks I chose World of Warcraft.

Where my curiosity continued to push me forward, it just as much pushed me to all kinds of directions like a wind on top of a mountain. I got a camera and started shooting videos here and there. When that phase passed I've focused on writting. During all that I was drawing and painting. The muse that let me be imaginative also kept me at a surface level of every craft I touched. Finishing something was not in the books. Sticking with one creative field, when there's so many was unimaginable.

How many of you can relate?

Eventually I hit my twenties, didn't have money for studying a Game Design course in the US so instead got my BA from the ever-practical Graphic Design, picked up the craft and business smarts along the way and ended up doing that for a while. I guess all those days of designing custom interfaces for WoW payed of in some way.

It took me a long long time, twenty years almost, before I got where I am today. I'm not sure whether it is the age or accumulated experience, but focus is much better attained. My muses grew up with me and are as restless as ever. Every day I wake up to a yelling of everything that can be done and the feeling of why isn't it me doing it.

Coffee helps. It's a crotch, but it helps. And has zero calories, which is good. When you're not hungry. Some people go for the pills. To everyone their own I guess.

Videogames never let me go. There's something inherently interesting about play and interactivity that combines the best of everything we've created in the entertainment and art world. I followed the industry closely. I've tried developing, but always felt short of time to stick with it. Which finally lead me to quit my startup job few months ago.

Number one reason was to give this whole videogames thing one last fat chance.

Thanks for reading!

Maybe ¯\(ツ)/¯ Great