A Pig Who Slept On Peppercorn

A Pig Who Slept On Peppercorn

Something dark and twisted troubled the little pink piggy. Its off-white hair has curled the deeper it sunk into the sheets of the softest bed. Little piggy turned to the right side. Little piggy turned to the left side.

"SMACK," the little piggy punched the uneven pillow with its hoof. Bright blue moon was about to go to sleep when the little piggy figured why it coudn't get its. Right below the little rounded body lied a tiny, round and black ball - a peppercorn. The piggy laughed when it realized something so small and unimportant kept it up all night, closed eyes and slept sound.


One restless night I woke for so many times until I found that a peppecorn was right below me. As per usual I've troubled myself thinking it's my anxieties acting up.

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