The issue shared by just about any perfectionist is the ability to keep digging the well too deep, for the droplet of water that usually lies miles away. Learning that lesson just short fifteen years into making and working I've figured to exchange my plans for a drill for a shovel and make a graveyard of shallow stories.

Writing and stories had always seemed to me as the laziest of forms. All the good stories have already been told. Schockingly good storytelling is a skill learned and carried over generations. Even more shockingly great stories are those that manage to hide the story told a million times over again in an interesting way.

One day then I invested into my dedication with a small paper $40 A6 notebook, a fancy $100 pen and $5 coffee and started writing a short one page story. With frequent breaks as I was struggling through the good and bad hickups brought by everyday, I filled that little book from cover to cover. Stories here are left untouched as I wrote them usualy over the course of one of those coffee cups.

The tone and theme of the stories most often reflected one of the extreme ends of my state of mind. Either crafting a fantasy to forget and disappear or letting go and pouring what cannot be kept inside onto the paper. Where I remembered I've put in a note of where the story originated.

Sometimes I had just a title in my mind. Other times it was a sentence or two. Out of these bits the story came out as if from an ether or as if transmitted wireleslly from the cloud.

You should quickly notice I am a sucker for a cheap, almost kitsch twist or a loopback. I think understandable is better than smart when conveying a message.

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